the mehra method

Weight Management for Children & Young Adults

Are you concerned about the well-being and health of the children and young adults in your life?
Are you searching for an effective way to help them manage their weight and lead a healthy lifestyle ‚Äď with a leading expert in this field?¬† Look no further!¬†

How to Get Started

The Mehra Method:

Weight Management for Children & Young Adults

This course is for you if you have tried everything to help your child manage his or her weight such as reading all of the books, signing them up for sports or fitness classes, reaching out to your PCP, starting a family diet together and more.  Yet, still feel the real struggle of any or lasting success.  It seems as if everything you try is temporary and met with resistance.  The Mehra Method goes deeper to address the - often surprising - underlying hormonal causes of weight gain and how to effectively manage them. 







Learn simple ways to apply an endocrinologists top tips for calibrating hormones with whole food combinations that satisfy even the pickiest eater.


You may be surprised on the impact of gaming and other typical child and teen habits impact their ability to manage their weight. Learn how uncommon lifestyle choice can make a greater impact.


Raising a child is hard enough without having to deal with medical issues such as early/late puberty, diabetes, obesity, and PCOS.  Learn exactly what to say - and not say - to navigate childhood weight issues with greater calm and promote progress.  


Learn effective techniques for losing weight and improving other health conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes and PCOS.


Connect with a supportive community of like-minded people, sharing experiences and receiving encouragement and advice.


Access simple healthy recipes the entire family can enjoy (including vegan options)!

What's Included: Modules & Bonus Content

The Mehra Method is also Gamified for better engagement and compliance.

Foundation of a Healthy Diet
When to Worry About Your Childs Weight
How to Talk to Your Kids About Weight
Types of 'Diets' or Meal Plans
and more...

Is Exercise Enough to Control Weight?
How Come My Child Exercises All the Time and Can't Lose Weight?
What Type of Exercise Should Kids Do?
and more...

Long-Term Considerations
Where to Go from Here with Regard to Your Child's Weight Concerns
and more...

Health Problems Affecting Weight:
Cushing's Disease
High Cholesterol 
Adrenal Disease 

Bonus Materials
Kid-Friendly Recipes
Snack the Whole Family Will Enjoy
Tips for Eating Out with Your Family
What to Eat When You are Too Busy to Cook
How to Enjoy the Holidays Without Sacrificing Taste
Tips for Overcoming a Weight Loss Plateau
What Vitamins Are Recommended for Children and Adolescents


COURSE + COACHING with Dr. Mehra


  • Immediate access to¬†entire course & bonus content
  • Printable¬†notes for each lesson
  • Easy course completion tracking
  • Plus weekly group coaching calls¬†

Meet Dr. Mehra:

Rinku Mehra, MD, MBA, is a board-certified in Pediatric Endocrinology and Obesity Medicine. She was raised in Northern Virginia where she currently practices. She also sees patients in Maryland, Florida, and Iowa. Dr. Mehra graduated from the University of Virginia Medical School and then completed a pediatric residency at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. After her residency, she graduated from a Pediatric Endocrinology fellowship at the University of Iowa. Dr. Mehra has been treating patients in Northern Virginia for over 15 years.


“Dr. Mehra provides compassionate and caring medical care for my children. She truly listens when other doctors don't. She also understands that we don't always need medication. Highly recommend!”


“This doctor was very thoughtful and thorough in answering all of our questions and helping us to completely understand our daughter’s medical condition, as well as giving us advice on treatment moving forward. I highly recommend her!”